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Premier Funeral Supplies
We are people like you. We were funeral home removal and cremation service owners. Like you, every year our costs were going up.

We have become known in the United States for our supply of quality products that look good, stand up to rigorous daily use, and will give years of service. Our Church Trucks are double-braced and weight support of 1200 lbs. Our Oversize Stretchers/Mortuary Cots are built of sturdy anodized aluminum tubing that will not oxidize and will keep looking new for years.. The A4H Brute Magnum, which is our Premium 100% Stainless Steel Tray and Base, combination embalming and dressing Table, with weight support up to 1500 lbs. The Brute Magnum leads the Industry in quality and price. That equals Value. All of our products are an extraordinary value for their high quality affordable price. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Products 100% Made in USA

Its features are as follows:

★ Superior Stainless steel base stainless steel center support beam for 1,500 lb capacity
★ Oversized with extra wide stainless steel tray.
★ No splash, 2" deep at the head and 3" deep at the drain, with excellent head to drain slope
★ Extraordinary design, with durability and ease of use in mind
★ Folding legs with a center support to prevent legs from accidentally folding in or out
★ Stainless Steel tray at the head will raise 5" to a height of 38", with increments in between for additional height or slope
★ Stainless Steel tray at the foot will raise 2" to a height of 35" for additional height or slope
★ Non-Stooping, two ways fully locking 6 " wheels
★ Easy lift handle at the head
★ 90% assembled out of the box
★ USA Patent
★ 15 Years Structural Warrantee

Our Principal products:

★ Hydraulic Embalming Tables
★ Changing Tables
★ Cemetery Lowering Devices
★ Silver Church Trucks
★ Chrome Church Truck

All of our products are an extraordinary value for their high quality
affordable price. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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